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Queer Liberation

Queer and trans rights and safety are under attack across the U.S. New York must do more to become a leader in promoting queer liberation, by both addressing these attacks directly and investing in housing and healthcare.

New York has long been a haven for queer people searching for acceptance and community, but it has not always lived up to this promise. As the LGTBQ+ community faces rightwing backlash and restrictions on healthcare and participation in society across much of the United States, it is that much more necessary for New York to step up and be a sanctuary for the queer community.

My vision for District 37 and New York is a community where LGBTQ+ people live authentically without fear and where violence, harassment, and discrimination have no place. To achieve that vision, I will support legislation to preserve access to the healthcare that queer New Yorkers rely on and to make this and all healthcare available to all. I will advocate to preserve and expand the anti-discrimination protections that New Yorkers receive in housing and the workplace.

  • Pass the New York Equal Rights Amendment, which would prohibit discrimination by the government for all New Yorkers, including discrimination based on a person’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. This would protect LGBTQI+ public sector workers, as well as those living in public housing and anyone receiving services from the state.
  • Pass the full Good Cause Eviction bill so that landlords can’t rely on pretexts in order to evict LGBTQ+ tenants for discriminatory reasons, and provide protections for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, who are disproportionately represented in runaway and homeless youth centers.
  • Pass the New York Health Act, providing free high-quality healthcare to all New Yorkers, and the 340B Prescription Drug Anti-Discrimination Act to preserve the healthcare many LGBTQ+ New Yorkers rely on.
  • Develop legislation to expand the ban on conversion therapy to adults under guardianship, so that no New Yorker is forced to suffer cruel attempts to subvert their identity, and provide support for survivors of conversion therapy.
  • Decriminalize sex work and expunge criminal records. Trans women face especially harsh discrimination without employment protections and often turn to sex work to survive. Until recently, the law didn’t just permit police to target trans women suspected of engaging in sex work—it encouraged them to do so. Decriminalization of sex work acknowledges the lived realities and histories of sex workers, and works towards rectifying past and ongoing injustices.
  • Develop legislation to confront the abuse and discrimination LGBTQ+ New Yorkers face in jails and prisons while working toward decarceral solutions to public safety issues.
  • Pass legislation requiring New York schools provide comprehensive, LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education and require schools to establish policies to protect LGBTQ+ students from harassment, bullying, and discrimination. School should be a place of acceptance and discovery for students, not a trauma for them to overcome.