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Workers Deserve It All

We need to build a Queens for working families, not the 1%. That means fighting for higher wages, safer workplaces, and strong unions.

Fighting for Higher Wages and Better, Safer Workplaces

Everything in our lives is made possible by the labor of workers, but bosses are hoarding wealth and squeezing us harder than ever — and they won’t give anything up without a fight. Workers shouldn’t have to scrape by, we need to thrive. I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, and I know the power of workers organizing together to get the compensation, protections, and respect they deserve. Joining UAW Local 2110 changed my life, and I’m proud to be an elected leader and member of a union that’s fighting for the entire working class. As a legislator, I will fight for a strong labor movement, to raise the minimum wage, to end the sub-minimum wage, and to make billionaires pay their fair share — because you shouldn’t have to be rich to have a healthy, fulfilling life.

Raise the Minimum Wage
While the costs of basic necessities reach historic highs, the super-rich suppress wages, raise rents and exploit workers. Raising the minimum wage to $25 is a fundamental step to building stability for working families. 

EmPIRE Worker Protection Act
Workers who witness unlawful or unsafe conditions in their workplace are often too scared of retaliation to take action—and in spite of New York State’s strong worker protections, our public agencies often lack the resources to enforce them. The EmPIRE Act would enable workers to bring whistleblower lawsuits to address labor violations and wage theft in their workplace, even when they are not personally the target, and to collect a portion of the civil penalties imposed upon their employers. Civil penalties paid by bad bosses will also be funneled back into the Department of Labor to hire more staff and provide resources to workers.

Labor Rights for Incarcerated People
Incarcerated workers were considered essential during the pandemic lockdowns but are denied basic workplace protections under the law. I will support legislation that amends the state constitution to prohibit forced labor in New York state prisons, ensure that voluntary labor is fairly compensated, and create a prison labor board to monitor and enforce these changes.

Childcare Workers
Childcare is a vital service that requires public investment. Half of all childcare workers in NYC earn wages low enough to qualify for public assistance. The Universal Childcare Act would ensure services are affordable for working families and guarantee childcare workers are paid a living wage.

Building Worker Power

In recent years, thousands of workers who were previously thought to be unorganizable — because of the law or because their employers are too powerful — have begun to organize themselves. From Amazon warehouse workers to Starbucks baristas, from delivery drivers to student workers, the “unorganizable” are banding together to win a prosperous future for themselves and their families. I promise to encourage a strong labor movement and stand behind workers who are taking up this fight.

Ending the “Independent Contractor” Scam
Companies like Uber, Lyft, and GrubHub exploit their workers by misclassifying them as independent contractors rather than employees. This allows them to ignore labor laws and removes drivers’ legal right to unionize. But under current New York State law, this is legal. I will fight to pass a labor standard that forces gig companies to recognize these workers as employees.

Universal Right to Strike
Under New York’s Taylor law, public sector workers face severe penalties for withholding their labor. A universal right to strike would empower all workers — including teachers, sanitation workers and transit workers — to take collective action and create the workplaces they deserve. I also support expanding unemployment insurance for striking workers.