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We all deserve safe, healthy homes. We need to pass Good Cause Eviction to keep tenants in their homes and communities, fight for long overdue repairs in our public housing, and treat housing as a human right for all. In Albany, I will support the creation of a Social Housing Development Authority to build and repair beautiful, resident-controlled housing that is permanently affordable for New York families.

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Everything in our lives is made possible by working people, but bosses and privatizers are hoarding wealth and squeezing us harder than ever. We must protect workers and support the growth of a strong labor movement in order to win a future where all workers and communities get what we deserve.

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Climate Change

We all deserve a bright future free from climate chaos and disaster. We must transition to a just, renewable future, end environmental injustice, and increase our communities’ resiliency — and we can do so by creating good, union jobs.

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Every New Yorker deserves a world-class public education, but too often, families get left behind. From pre-school to CUNY, we can afford to have one of the best free public education systems in the world.



Everyone deserves free, high-quality healthcare, period. Our health and well being should not be subject to the whims of insurance executives and privatizers trying to line their pockets. The healthcare workers who have been on the frontlines of so many crises deserve fair pay, good benefits, and dignity at work.



Where someone was born or their immigration status shouldn’t determine whether they are able to live a dignified life. Immigrants, regardless of status, deserve full access to all social infrastructure, the right to live without fear of deportation or harassment, and a voice in our communities.


Queer Liberation

Every person deserves to live a safe, healthy, joyful life. Queer and trans rights and safety are under attack across the United States. New York must do more to become a leader in promoting queer liberation, by both addressing these attacks directly and investing in housing, healthcare, and jobs.


Reproductive Justice

As the right to abortion is stripped away across the United States, New York must do more to protect and expand not only the right to abortion care, but increase access to comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care overall.


The Economy

We all deserve a life of abundance, but the rich are hoarding the wealth they stole from workers and hope the rest of us fight for scraps. We must tax the rich and use the money to create an economy that works for all of us.


Public Safety

We need to affirmatively build safety by intervening before someone is a victim of a crime. We’ve been told we must pick between safety and justice. But smart investments in prevention mean we don’t need to pick.

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NYC has some of the worst traffic and produces more automobile carbon emissions than any other city in the U.S. We must design our transit system to get more New Yorkers out of cars, reduce carbon emissions, and clean the air.

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